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Children of Kopel and Kayla Leah Kaplan (Kaplanski)

The Kaplan Family

Sometime in the mid to late 1950s Abe and Dinah Kaplan came in from Israel to visit. Here is a group shot of the Kaplan Family taken during that visit. The shot was taken in the livingroom of Sam and Anna Kaplan's house at 1520 S. Albany Ave. in Chicago. It was taken sometime between 1955 and 1960.

I would appreciate it if someone could e-mail me a list of names of people in this picture. I know many of them but there are a lot I can't identify.

The Kaplan Family circa 1955

Here are some of the Kaplan brothers and sisters seated with their spouses seated on the couch in the livingroom of Sam and Anna Kaplan's house, also during Abe's and Dinah's visit.

Pictured left to right are, in the background: Julius Lipsky, Sam Kaplan, Abraham Kaplan, Eli Kaplan.
In the front: Anna Lipsky, Anna Kaplan, Dina Kaplan, Edythe Kaplan.
The picture on the table in back of the piano is of Aaron and Selma Kaplan at their wedding.

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