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WEBMASTERS is an internal tech support system for individuals who maintain web pages on Shamash and who are tech support for Shamash-affiliated organizations. Shamash WEBMASTERS includes a list, WEBMASTERS, which acts as the place for all questions about managing archives, web, and gopher pages for discussion about information management and for announcements concerning the Shamash server.

People who should be subscribed to WEBMASTERS are those people who are affiliated with organizations which have joined the Shamash consortium and who either manage their organization's web pages or are responsible for providing technical support to the organization's affiliates which are putting web pages on Shamash. If you are such a person, these pages and the associated list is your prime mechanism of getting support from Shamash. If you are the webmaster for an organization which is getting its web services from a Shamash affiliate, then you must go to your Shamash affiliate for web technical support.

(Note: The WEBMASTERS list has been inactive in 1995-1996, but plans exist to reactivate it shortly... stay tuned for subscription information.)

Shamash's growing WEBMASTER help Library

o WEBMASTERS: Helpful HTML Links is a list of suggested resources to learn more about HTML, Sound, Graphics, CGI, Java, and submitting your pages to Web Search Indexes.
o Shamash's Graphic's Library contains some general icons, judaic graphics and photos.
o How to configure the Shamash page counter.
o Did you know that....? is a list of factoids and other misc info.

Suggestions for making your Web Pages even better...



Graphics have added a fantastic dimension to the Internet, yet they can also cause many headaches for a web designer and for a casual surfer.

General Organization

Over time your pages will be linked to other people's pages elsewhere on the Internet, and will be indexed by many search engines. This means that even though you put your pages in precise order, LOTS of people will be coming into the middle of your website.
Please put a notice at the bottom of each of your pages saying that your website is an affiliate of Shamash: The Jewish Network with a link to the Shamash home page. Thank you!
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