5761 Modern Passover Seder Songs

(These songs have been gathered from far and near, and they should be enjoyed and sung either at the end of the Seder. Feel free to insert them at a place that you and your Seder participants will enjoy and find meaningful.)


1. There's No Seder Like our Seder

(sung to the tune of "There's no Business like Show business")

There's no seder like our seder,

There's no seder I know.

Everything about it is halachic

Nothing that the Torah won't allow.

Listen how we read the whole Haggadah

It's all in Hebrew

'Cause we know how.

There's no Seder like our seder,

We tell a tale that is swell:

Moses took the people out into the heat

They baked the matzah

While on their feet

Now isn't that a story

That just can't be beat?

Let's go on with the show!


2. Take Us Out of Egypt

(sung to the tune of "Take me out to the ball game")

Take us out of Egypt

Free us from slavery

Bake us some matzah in a haste

Don't worry 'bout flavor--

Give no thought to taste.

Oh it's rush, rush, rush, to the Red Sea

If we don't cross it's a shame

For it's ten plagues,

Down and you're out

At the Pesach history game.

3. Les Miselijah

(to the tune of "Do you hear the people Sing" from "Les Miserables")

Do you hear the doorbell ring,

And it's a little after ten?

It can only be Elijah

Come to take a sip again.

He is feeling pretty fine

But in his head a screw is loose.

So perhaps instead of wine

We should only give him juice.

4. Elijah

(to the tune of "Maria")


I just saw the prophet Elijah.

And suddenly that name

Will never sound the same to me.


He came to our seder


He had his cup of wine,

But could not stay to dine

This year--


For your message all Jews are waiting:

That the time's come for peace

and not hating--


Next year we'll be waiting.



5. Just a Tad of Charoset

(to the tune of "Just a spoon full of sugar")


Just a tad of charoset helps the bitter herbs go down,

The bitter herbs go down, the bitter herbs go down.

Just a tad of charoset helps the bitter herbs go down,

In the most disguising way.

Oh, back in Egypt long ago,

The Jews were slaves under Pharaoh.

They sweat and toiled and labored

through the day.

So when we gather Pesach night,

We do what we think right.

Maror, we chew,

To feel what they went through.


So after years of slavery

They saw no chance of being free.

Their suffering was the only life they knew.

But baby Moses grew up tall,

And said he'd save them all.

He did, and yet,

We swear we won't forget.



Chorus contÖ.

While the maror is being passed,

We all refill our water glass,

Preparing for the taste that turns us red.

Although maror seems full of minuses,

It sure does clear our sinuses.

But what's to do?

It's hard to be a Jew!!!


6. Same time next year

(to the tune of "Makin' Whoopee")

Another Pesach, another year,

The family seder with near and dear...

Our faces shining,

All thoughts of dining

Are put on hold now.

We hear four questions,

The answer given

Recalls the Jews from Egypt driven.

The ch'rain is bitter, (charoset better!)

Please pass the matzah.

Why is this evening different

From all the other nights?

This year the Jews all over

Are free to perform the rites.

A gorgeous dinner--who can deny it--

Won't make us thinner, to hell with diet!

It's such great cooking...

and no one's looking,

So just enjoy it.

Moving along at steady clip

Elijah enters, and takes a sip;

And then the singing with voices ringing

Our laughter mingling.

When singing about Chad GadYa.

Watch close or your place you'll lose,

For Echad Mi Yodea:

Which tune shall we use?

We pray next Pesach

We'll all be here.

It's a tradition...

Same time next year...

So fill it up now, the final cup now,

Next year at Nanny and Zayde's house


7. The Ballad of the Four Sons

(to the tune of "Clementine")

Said the father to his children,

"At the seder you will dine,


You will eat your fill of matzoh,

You will drink four cups of wine."


Now this father had no daughters,

But his sons they numbered four.


One was wise and one was wicked,

One was simple and a bore.


And the fourth was sweet and winsome,

he was young and he was small.

While his brothers asked the questions

he could scarcely speak at all.


Said the wise one to his father

"Would you please explain the laws?

Of the customs of the seder

Will you please explain the cause?"


And the father proudly answered,

"As our fathers ate in speed,

Ate the paschal lamb 'ere midnight

And from slavery were freed."


So we follow their example

And 'ere midnight must complete

All the seder and we should not

After 12 remain to eat.


Then did sneer the son so wicked

"What does all this mean to you?"

And the father's voice was bitter

As his grief and anger grew.


"If you yourself don't consider

As son of Israel,

Then for you this has no meaning

You could be a slave as well."


Then the simple son said simply

"What is this," and quietly

The good father told his offspring

"We were freed from slavery."


But the youngest son was silent

For he could not ask at all.

His bright eyes were bright with wonder

As his father told him all.


My dear children, heed the lesson

and remember evermore

What the father told his children

Told his sons that numbered four.



8. Pharaoh Doesnít Pay

(To the tune of "Iíve Been Working on the Railroad")

Iíve been working on these buildings;

Pharaoh doesnít pay.

Iíve been doing what he tells me

Like making bricks from clay.

Canít you hear the master calling,

"Hurry up, make a brick!"

Canít you feel the master hurt me

Until Iím feeling sick.


Oh is this a mess,

Oh is this a mess,

Oh is this a mess, for Jews, for Jews.

Oh is this a mess,

Oh is this a mess,

Oh is this a mess for Jews.


Someoneís in the palace with Pharaoh Ė

Someoneís in the palace we know, ow, ow, ow,

Someoneís in the palace with Pharaoh Ė

Does he know they treat us so?

Keep singing work, work, work all day,

Work all day and then some mo Ėore,

Work, work, work all day Ė

Does he know they treat us so?

9. Pharaohís Lament

(To the tune of "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider")

My river and my sun gods have always helped me rule.

Down came the plagues

And folks think Iím a fool.

Up come the slavesí God

And tells me what to do.

Iím a roughy-toughy Pharaoh.

Why wonít my gods come through?

10. Plagues

(To the tune of "Sheíll Be Coming ĎRound the Mountain")

Bad things will come to Egypt, donít you know?

Bad things will come to Egypt, donít you know?

Bad things will come to Egypt,

Bad things will come to Egypt,

Bad things will come to Egypt, till we go

God will give you this last chance to let us go;

God will give you this last chance to let us go;

As midnight passes by Ėy

All your firstborn sons will die Ėie;

And your people will cry out if we canít go.

11. Our Passover Things

(To be sung to the tune of "My Favorite Things" from the "Sound of Music")

Cleaning and cooking and so many dishes

Out with the chametz, no pasta, no knishes

Fish that's gefilted, horseradish that stings

These are a few of our Passover things.

Matzah and karpas and chopped up charoset

Shankbones and kiddish and yiddish neuroses

Tante who kvetches and uncle who sings

These are a few of our Passover things.

Motzi and moror and trouble with Pharaohs

Famines and locusts and slaves with wheelbarrows

Matzah balls floating and eggshell that clings

These are a few of our Passover things.

When the plagues strike

When the lice bite

When we're feeling sad

We simply remember our Passover things

And then we don't feel so bad.



12. Let My People Go

When Israel was in Egypt land

Let My People go

Oppressed so hard they could not stand

Let My People go.

Go down, Moses

Way down in Egypt land

Tell old Pharaoh

To Let My People go.

13. It Made Them Mad

(To the tune of "Clementine")

It made them mad to hear the answer

Pharaoh would not let them go.

God would help them with a signal

Mighty power God would show.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no

That was all that Pharaoh said.

With no way to beat his army,

They would change his mind instead.

Every time bad things got started

He would almost let them go;

But as soon as things got better,

He would switch and tell them NO! (shout "no!")

When the tenth plague scared old Pharaoh,

Heíd no longer let them stay.

"Get out of Egypt," he finílly shouted.

"Take your stuff and go away."

With their cattle and some matzah

Jews were finílly on their way.

Through the Red Sear and hot Sinai

To their own God they could pray.




(To the tune of "Tonight," from West Side Story, By Rabbi Dan Liben Passover, 2000)

Tonight, tonight,

We'll tell a tale tonight,

Of Pharoah, Slaves and God's awesome might;

We'll do it right, with matzah, and maror

and four children: -dull, wicked- and bright!

Tonight, we'll tell our people's story,

The "genut" and then the glory,

And how it came out right..

And when we're through

You'll know you've been freed too

On this Saaay-der night!

Tonight, tonight, we'll drink four cups of wine,

We'll laugh and sing and dine

'till its light;

The tale's not new

And yet it still rings true

It gives meaning -to being -a Jew!

Egyptian masters they did beat us

But Moses he did lead us

From darkness into light;

And soon we'll know

Why God did make it so

On this Saaaay-der night!

15. The Ballad of Mo Amramson

(sung to the tune of "The Ballad of Jed Clampett")

Come and listen to a story 'bout a man named Mo,

His people they were slaves to the evil Pharoah,

Until one day he was lookin' at a bush,

And he heard the voice of God, though he wasn't a lush---

The LORD, that is, I AM, The Big G.


Next thing you know, Mo's talkin' to Pharoah,

Mo says, "God said you gotta let my people go!"

But the king says, "No, they always will be slaves to me!"

So God sent down ten big plagues on Pharoah's whole country---

Blood 'n frogs, that is,


Special effects.


When the first borns died, Pharoah sent the Jews away,

They ran and ate some matzoh on that very happy day,

So now we have our Seder to commemorate that feat---

We drink some wine and talk a lot, we sing and also eat!

Matzoh, that is,

Maror too.

And good food.

Y'all come back now, y'hear!

16. Haggadah Wash that Man Right out of my Hair


Hagadah wash that man right out of my hair

Because he's full of chometz but he doesn't care.

That it's a custom now to be rid of that snare,

I'll send him on his way.


Haggadah drink my wine and feel real free,

Haggadah eat charosez, matzah and tea,

Haggadah keep the seder, with joy and glee.

I really love that day!!


He doesn't like gefilte fish,

eat it up, eat it up.

He doesn't like the matzah dish

Heat it up, heat it up.

can't wait for him to change-

Hey buddy... (repeat 1st verse).




17. Morror

(Sung to the tune of "More..")

Morror is the bitterness the world has known,

But in Canada we need not moan.

Morror were the ghettos of across the sea,

But here we habitate a land that's free.

Morror on the table, we are sure and

we're able to look forward to many

types of joy - oh boy-oi-oi-oi...

Morror is the bitter herb upon our plate,

And if we were sober we would palitate

Morror is the answer for the schnorer, who is rich or poorer-

Why can't we love forever .....Morror!


18. The Eight Nights of Passover

(To the tune of 'The Twelve Days")

On the first night of Passover my mother served to me

1) a matzo ball in chicken soup

2) two dipped herbs

3) three pieces of matzah

4) four cups of wine

5) five gefilte fish

6) six capons baking

7) seven eggs a boiling

8) eight briskets roasting


19. Moses Island

(Mark Kreditor, sung to the tune of Gilligan's Island)

Just recline right back and you'll hear a tale,

a tale of dreadful trip.

That started with ten awful plagues brought onto Egypt,

brought unto Egypt.

The boss he was a Jewish man raised as a Pharaohos son.

Then G-d he did come calling and soon the fun begun,

soon the fun begun.

More blood, such frogs, and all those bugs,

Pharaoh could just barely see.

The Jews were really scoring points and soon they would be free.

and soon they would be free.

They shlepped and shlepped for forty years across a desert land.

He went up to Mt Sinai and a party soon began, a party soon began.

Moses, the Pharaoh too, Aaron and his wife.

Marianne the skipper too here on the desert island.



20. Don't sit on the Afikomen

(To the tune of Glory, Glory, Hallelu-kah)

My Dad at every Seder breaks a Matza piece in two

And hides the Afikomen half-A game for me and you

Find it, hold it ransom for the Seder isn't through

'till the Afikomen's gone.


Don't sit on the Afikomen.

Don't sit on the Afikomen.

Don't sit on the Afikomen.

Or the Meal will last all night

One year Daddy hid it 'neath a pillow on a chair

But just as I raced over, my Aunt Sophie sat down there

She threw herself upon it-Awful crunching filled the air

And crumbs flew all around


There were matza crumbs all over-Oh, it was a messy sight

We swept up all the pieces though it took us half the night

So, if you want your seder ending sooner than dawn's light,

Don't sit on the Afiko-o-men


21. Passover Story

(Mark Kreditor, sung to the tune of The Brady Bunch)


It's a story, about baby Moses, who came floating

down the river called the Nile

Pharoh's Queen was there just to catch him and so he stayed a while.

Its a story about Jewish builders, who were tired

of building Pyramids. All of them were slaves just

like their Mothers and just like their kids.

Until one day big Moses talked to Big G. That's

G-O-D and that spells Moses's God. He said you

just leave and go to Israel I won't make it hard.

So then Moses asked old Pharoh let my people go.

He said "For Real"!, no Moses never no. So the 10

plagues were brought to Pharoh and he said: Moses go .

Your people can go. Now Moses go. That's the

way Pharoh said now Moses go.



22. Moses

(Mark Kreditor, sung to the tune of The Flintstones)

Moses, he's our Moses he's the man that took us for a tour

Out of, Pharoh's Egypt went the children that he soon would lure

Come sit and eat matzah all week long. Listen to our prayers and to our songs of Moses he's our hero he's a really really good time, a forty year guy he's the one that set us free.



23. Barney Pesach

(Mark Kreditor, sung to the tune of I Love You, You Love Me)

We are Jews can't you see,

Moses took us out we're free.

With a long long walk from Sinai to Israel,

Charlton Heston's role he'd steal.