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Question 1.18:
I have a question nogaiah hilchos maaser kesafim b'zman hazeh... Eem yeish lee meah or fewer shekalim and some are hefker ...


Please! The primary language for Usenet is English. Translate your Hebrew and Aramaic when you post in order to maximize the understanding of what you write. Include a glossary for the lesser known terms. Some common ones are part of this FAQ (see Section 19 in Part 11). Words of non-English origin need not be translated if they are used widely enough to appear in a standard dictionary such as Webster's Ninth New Collegiate (e.g. Talmud; bat mitzvah). You can check the dictionary at

Usenet is a bad place to ask technical questions of Jewish law. Instead, ask a qualified rabbi. If you know of none, then post a request for rabbinic advice - many have access to electronic mail, and many readers can find a rabbi near you. You can also forward your question to, and the FAQ moderator will attempt to forward your question to someone who can get you the right answer.

The FAQ is a collection of documents that is an attempt to answer questions that are continually asked on the soc.culture.jewish family of newsgroups. It was written by cooperating laypeople from the various Judaic movements. You should not make any assumption as to accuracy and/or authoritativeness of the answers provided herein. In all cases, it is always best to consult a competent authority--your local rabbi is a good place to start.

[Got Questions?]Hopefully, the FAQ will provide the answer to your questions. If it doesn't, please drop Email to The FAQ maintainer will endeavor to direct your query to an appropriate individual that can answer it. If you would like to be part of the group to which the maintainer directs questions, please drop a note to the FAQ maintainer at

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