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Question 5.12:
How are Yahrzeits observed in Leap Years?


The real question is how one observes Yahrzeits that occur in the Jewish month of Adar: are they observed in Adar I or Adar II? Many issues in halachah are subject to debate, and this is one of them. The Sepharadic ruling (followed also by some Chassidic groups) is to observe in Adar II. Once Purim is on Adar II (to make a "redemption season" of Purim and Passover), the "real Adar" is the 2nd Adar.

The Ashkenazic ruling is based on the notion that one ought not pass up an opportunity to do a mitzvah. Therefore, the earliest possible definition of yahrzeit, Adar I, is used. There is a custom to say kaddish on both days. However, in terms of being the chazan, the other yahrzeit date gives no priority over someone whose parent actually died in a leap year and has an exact yahrzeit.

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