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Question 18.1.4:
How is Reform Judaism structured in the North America?


In North America, the principal organization for Reform Jewry is the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) ( URJ was founded in 1873 as the Union of American Hebrew Congregations (UAHC) by Rabbi Isaac Meyer Wise, and serves as the umbrella organization for Reform Synagogues throughout North America. It was renamed Union for Reform Judaism in November 2003.

URJ funds a seminary system for Reform Judaism: the Hebrew Union College--Jewish Institute for Religion ( HUC was founded in 1875, and it now has campuses in Cincinnati, Ohio (+1 513 221 1875); New York City, New York (+1 212 674 5300); Los Angeles, California (+1 213 749 3424); and Jerusalem ISRAEL (+972 2 232 444). See for specifics.

URJ works with a number of professional organizations:

URJ works with a number of special-interest groups:

At the political level, Reform Judaism in the US is respresented by:

In Canada, Reform Congregations are members of the Canadian Council for Reform Judaism ( CCRJ represents approximately 9000 households in 24 affiliated congregations from Montreal to Calgary. The CCRJ is the Canadian region of the Union for Reform Judaism.

The CCRJs mandates are:

  1. To promote the aims and objectives of member congregations
  2. To promote and assist in the formation of new liberal congregations in Canada
  3. To represent the Union of American Hebrew Congregations in Canada
  4. To promote and represent liberal Judaism in Canada

At the International Level, Reform Judaism is represented by the following:

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