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Question 18.3.13:
Reform's Position On...Outreach


Reform Jewish Outreach is a program that aims to:

For those conemplating conversion to Judaism (as well as those interested in learning more about Judaism), Outreach offers the following:

For intermarried couples and couples contemplating intermarriage, Outreach offers the following:

For Jewish parents of intermarried couples, Outreach offers discussion groups to provide parents with a non-judgmental supportive setting where they can talk with others with similar concerns. This provides the opportunity to discuss the impact of the relationship on the family, and to develop constructive responses.

For Jewish youth, Outreach has a number of programs that assist young people in examining the implications of interdating and intermarriage for themselves as well as for the future of the Jewish people. Outreach encourages youth to explore and strengthen their Jewish identity so that they will be advocates for Judaism in all their relationships.

The ultimate goal of Outreach is to strengthen Judaism by helping individuals build their personal connectedness to Reform Judaism.

If you want to find more information about the Outreach program, visit Reform Jewish Outreach at

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