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Question 18.6.5:
The Rabbinate: What other courses of study are available?


In Los Angeles, the HUC-JIR Irwin Daniels School of Jewish Communal Service offers the following programs:




    The two programs above also require a year's residency in Israel.

Courses in these programs include the Jewish Family and Jewish Community; Jewish Communal Institutes; Biblical and Rabbinic Sources; Jewish History; Fund Raising and Financial Resource Development; Trends in Modern Judaism; Contemporary Jewish Isuses; the Development of the American Synagogue; Management Information Systems; Organizing and Facilitating Support Groups; Understanding Communal Themes Through Traditional Sources; Leadership and Organizational Management; Planning, Allocating, and Decision Making in the Jewish Community; Fiscal Management; Jewish Components of Community Practics; Jewish Social and Political Policy; Boundaries of Normative Jewish Behavior; and other similar courses.

Graduates of these programs work in federations, centers, Jewish family services, camps, Bureaus of Jewish education, congragations, etc.

For those interested in education, the HUC-JIR Rhea Hirsch School of Education offers a course of study designed for those interested in careers in Jewish education.

For information on either of these programs, write to:

3077 University Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90007-3796

In addition, the Cincinatti branch of HUC-JIR is home for the School of Graduate Stuides, which is a leading center for study and research in the areas of the Bible, ancient Near Eastern languages, Hellenistic studies, Jewish religious thought, philosophy and history. For more information, write:

3101 Clifton Avenue
Cincinnati OH 45220

Information on all of HUCs programs can be found at

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