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Section 2:
Who We Are

  1. Who reads the soc.culture.jewish newsgroups?
  2. What are the major Jewish movements?
  3. What is Conservative Judaism?
  4. What is Orthodox Judaism?
  5. What is Reform/Progressive Judaism?
  6. What about other movements?
  7. What are some of the Orthodox sub-groups?
  8. What is Chassidism and how does it differ from other Orthodox groups?
  9. What is Lubavitch Chasidism and Chabad?
  10. What is Breslov Chasidism?
  11. What is Satmar Chasidism?
  12. What other forms of Chasidism?
  13. What are OCR (O-C-R) wars? Why all the flames?
  14. But Reform Judaism isn't Judaism? Why don't they see that?
  15. But Orthodox Judaism isn't Judaism? Why don't they see that?
  16. Why shouldn't I say "ultra-Orthodox", "Reformed Judaism", or "Humanist Judaism"?
  17. How does a Chassid differ from Misnagid?
  18. What is a "Torah Jew?"
  19. What about homosexual Jews?
  20. Is it true that Jews are all (fill-in-the-blank)?
  21. How many Jews are there today in the U.S.A.?
  22. How many Jews are in the world?
  23. Who was the first Jew?
  24. What is Judaism all about?

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