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Section 4:
Halachic Authority

  1. What is "Halacha"? How is it determined?
  2. Traditionally, what are the levels of halacha?
  3. Traditionally, what are the different rabbinic eras?
  4. How can differing halachic rulings all be considered valid?
  5. How does the Conservative movement deal with Halachic questions?
  6. What is the difference between two Orthodox rabbis who disagree and an Orthodox and a Reform who disagree?
  7. Who is RAMBAM that is mentioned and what are his 13 principles?
  8. Who was Rashi?
  9. Who was the Ramban?
  10. What is Kabbalah and how can I learn about it?
  11. Who is allowed to study Kabbalah?
  12. Who was Rabbeinu Tam?
  13. What are she'elot u'teshuvot?
  14. What is the midrash halachah and the midrash agadah?
  15. Why did Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi only include certain subjects for the 6 books of the Mishna and not others?

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