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Section 5:
Jewish Holidays

  1. What are the different holidays?
  2. What are the dates of the upcoming Jewish holidays?
  3. How can I get a Jewish calendar
  4. Why do some people take off one day, and others two?
  5. Why does the Jewish day start at sundown?
  6. What are the origins of the Chanukah Dreidel?
  7. Is it appropriate for Christians to "celebrate" Pesach using the form of a seder meal?
  8. What are the months of the Jewish Year?
  9. How does Judaism measure the day?
  10. Are the Four Questions asked on Pesach in the Torah?
  11. What are the different days of the Jewish week?
  12. How are Yahrzeits observed in Leap Years?
  13. What happened to the observance on 14 Nisan as Passover?
  14. For Mother's Day, how should one bless their mothers?
  15. Does one ever fast on Chanukah?

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