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Section 7:
Shabbat Observance

  1. What is the Jewish Sabbath and why is it on Saturday?
  2. Why do my Orthodox Jewish friends leave work early on Fridays and before Jewish holidays?
  3. Why can't Jews use electrical appliances and motor vehicles on Shabbat?
  4. Why are there 18 minutes from the time candle lighting starts on Shabbat until the last time you can light?
  5. I've heard that Jews can't tear on Shabbat? Why? What is "work"?
  6. How do people know when to light candles in the Arctic?
  7. What is the significance of Challah?
  8. Why do women wave their hands three times before lighting Shabbat [or Holiday] candles?
  9. What is an Eruv?
  10. If your home is burning, can you put out the fire on Shabbat?
  11. What Medical Procedures May Be Performed on Shabbat?
  12. What happens on Shabbat?
  13. Do Conservative Jews play musical instruments on Shabbat?
  14. Why is there a prohibition on travel on Shabbat?
  15. Can an observant Jew use a camera on Shabbat?
  16. Would it be disrespectful to call an Orthodox Jew on the telephone at at time when it is not Shabbat for the Jew, but was still Shabbat for me?
  17. Is it allowed for a Jew to be driven in a car to the shul by a non-Jew?

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