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Section 11:
Miscellaneous Practice Questions

11.1. Dress

  1. Why do some Jewish women wear wigs or cover their hair with a snood, beret, tichel, turban, kerchief or hat?
  2. Why do many Jewish men wear head coverings (variously referred to as "yarmulkas," "skullcaps," and "kipot")?
  3. What is a Tallis? Tzit-tzit(those fringes)? Why do Jews wear them?
  4. What are those black boxes and leather straps Jewish men wear?
  5. Why do many Jewish men sport beards and/or long sideburns?
  6. Why do some Orthodox Jews, especially Chassidim, wear a distinctive style of clothing (i.e., fur hats, black coats, gartel)?
  7. What is Shaatnez?
  8. Are there any special dress rules or customs for women?
  9. What is a Kittel?
  10. What is the large high ceremonial hat that the Rabbi wears in the synagogue called?
  11. At what age should one begin to cover arms , legs etc of a young daughter when amongst the public?
  12. Are Orthodox men and women allowed to wear perfume?

11.2 Sex and Purity

  1. What's this I've heard about a hole in a sheet?
  2. Can a Jewish man only uncover his wife a hands-breadth?
  3. What is a "mikveh"?
  4. What are Jewish hygene practices?

11.3 Writing

  1. Why do some people write "G-d" with a hyphen instead of an `o'?
  2. Why do some Jews write "J-s-s" and "Xianity"?
  3. Why are somethings written in Hebrew, and others in Aramaic?

11.4 Practices towards others

  1. Does Judaism permit slavery?
  2. What does "eye for an eye" mean?
  3. Is it permitted for a Jew to sell Christian objects?

11.5 Weddings

11.6 Death and Burial

  1. Is it true that someone with tattoos cannot be buried in a Jewish cemetery?
  2. I've heard about a custom of putting stones on the grave. Do you know where this custom originated?
  3. Is "stone setting" at the cemetery within a year after death is a Jewish tradition?
  4. What are the Jewish mourning customs after the death of an immediate relative?
  5. What are Jewish funeral customs?
  6. Is getting cryogenically frozen against Judaism?
  7. Are Jews buried facing West?
  8. Can Jews be cremated?
  9. What is the Jewish position on Suicide?
  10. Can pregnant women attend a funeral?
  11. If a Jewish person lives in an area where there is no synagogue, no Jewish funeral home, and no Jewish cemetery, what would the rules be in regard to burial?
  12. Can Jews and Non-Jews be buried together?
  13. Must the Chevra Kedisha be family members?
  14. How have burial customs changed over time?
  15. Why do Jews emphasize burial within 24 hours?
  16. What is the origin of the custom of initially placing the shovel in the earth upside-down?
  17. Is it appropriate to say Kaddish for non-Jews?
  18. Is it true that when a parent dies you are not suppose to go back to the cemetery for 30 days after the burial?

11.7 Charity

  1. What are the levels of giving?

11.8 Sacrifices

  1. When did Jews stop making animal sacrifices?
  2. What replaced animal sacrifices in Jewish practice?
  3. How do sacrifices relate to compassion for animals?
  4. Will sacrifices be restored if the Temple is rebuilt?

11.9 Symbols

  1. Why are Jews called Jews?
  2. What does the Star of David represent and what is its symbolism?
  3. What is the signficance of "Chai" and the number 18?
  4. What is a Mezuzah?
  5. What is a Menorah?
  6. What is the significance of the number 5?
  7. What is the significance of the number 3?
  8. What is the significance of the number 40?
  9. What is the significance of the number 7?
  10. Are there any Jewish housewarming rituals?
  11. What is the significance of blue in Judaism? Are there other special colors?
  12. What is the significance of the number 8?
  13. What is the significance of the number 9?

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