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Section 12:
Jewish Thought

  1. What is the Jewish concept of G-d? Do Jews think of G-d as an angry old man with a long white beard?
  2. Can one doubt G-d's existence and still be a good Jew?
  3. Does modern science (e.g., "big bang" theory, evolution, the age of the world) contradict traditional readings of the Torah?
  4. Does modern science contradict liberal readings of the Torah?
  5. Can one be Orthodox and a scientist too?
  6. I've heard that Jews consider themselves "chosen." What does that mean?
  7. What is the Jewish concept of the Messiah?
  8. What do Jews say happens when a person dies? Do Jews believe in reincarnation? In hell or heaven? Purgatory?
  9. What was the job of a prophet?
  10. It seems that prophecy was once central to Judaism; why don't we have prophets today?
  11. Who were the prophets? How many?
  12. What is the Jewish view on the question of "free will."?
  13. What about angels, demons, miracles, and the supernatural?
  14. What do Jews hope/expect of the future?
  15. How can Jews reject (insert true belief here)?
  16. Why do Jews need organized religion or Jewish laws? Isn't it good enough to be a good person? How about gentiles?
  17. How does Judaism differ from Xianity, Marxism, Communism, Humanism and other -isms?
  18. Where can a Gentile learn about Judaism?
  19. What does Judaism say about non-Jews and their role? What does G-d demands of gentiles to get to Olam Ha'aba ["The World-to-come"]? What are the Noachide laws?
  20. What do Jews believe about Good and Evil?
  21. What is the Jewish position on Capital Punishment?
  22. What is the Jewish position on communicating with the dead?
  23. What is the significance and importance of suffering and punishment in Judaism?
  24. Why are there different names for G-d?
  25. What is the "Book of Life"?
  26. How does one atone for sins?
  27. What does Judaism say about the punishments in the Torah?
  28. What does the Torah mean by Abomination?
  29. Why does the Torah talk about Other Gods?
  30. What is the purpose of life? Why did G-d create man?
  31. How does tithing work in Judaism?
  32. Does Judaism permit organ donation?
  33. Is numerology part of Jewish Mysticism?
  34. What is Jewish thought on Gog and Magog?
  35. What does Judaism believe about Satan?
  36. In Judaism, what are some of the laws related to gleaning and tithing for the poor?
  37. What is the Jewish view of Salvation, i.e., how a person from a given religion is ''saved''?
  38. Can a Jew donate blood?
  39. How does halacha, the messiah, and the prophets affect the daily life of a Jew?
  40. What must one do to lead "a good life" in Judaism?
  41. I've heard about 36 taddiks?
  42. What is the theological understanding regarding the affect of the expulsion from Eden?
  43. I understand that for a gentile to be considered righteous by a Jew, he/she must worship and honour G-d and obey the 7 laws that were given to Noah. Would such a gentile not also be obligated to keep the Sabbath?
  44. In the times of the Torah, was a son equal in stature to the father?
  45. What is the Jewish view on euthanasia of animals?
  46. In the case of a fire or other emergency, who should save the Torah from the synagogue?
  47. What is the religious view of the Shoa? Why did G-d let this happen and all the suffering of the children of Israel throughout the centuries?
  48. What is Mussar?
  49. Was it a requirement of membership/selection for the Sanhedrin for a person to be married?

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