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Section 13:
Jews as a Nation

  1. What are the different racial and cultural groups of Jews?
  2. What are the differences between Sephardim and Ashkenazim?
  3. Where did the Beita Yisrael (Falashas) come from?
  4. Who were the Khazars? Are Ashkenazi Jews descended from the Khazars?
  5. Who are Crypto-Jews (also known as "marranos")?
  6. How does the Sephardi/Ashkenazi differences differ from the O/C/R differences?
  7. I've heard of a group called the "Black Hebrews". Who are they?
  8. What about the black jews in South Africa?
  9. Who Are The Jews of India, And What Are Their Origins?
  10. Are Jews a Nation or a Religion?
  11. Who are the Edot Mizraxi?
  12. What About Yeminite Jews?
  13. Who was Donna Gracia?
  14. Is Yiddish a Jewish Language? What are Jewish Languages?

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