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Section 14:
Jews and Israel

  1. Who is an Israeli? Who may enter Israel under its Law of Return?
  2. What is Zion?
  3. What is Zionism?
  4. Are all Jews Zionists?
  5. Do Diaspora Jews (Jews outside Israel) support Zionism?
  6. I've heard there were/are very Orthodox Jews who were/are against the state of Israel. How could this be? Who are they?
  7. Did Zionism end with the establishment of Israel?
  8. Are antisemitism and anti-Zionism the same thing?
  9. Is Zionism racist?
  10. What are the roots of Arab opposition to Zionism?
  11. Can't you criticize Israel without being antisemitic?
  12. Why is opposition to Israel often seen as being antisemitic?
  13. Why is Jerusalem so important to Jews?
  14. I want to move to Israel. Can I become a citizen?
  15. What is the Wailing Wall and why is it so important?
  16. Questions on aliyah, military service for olim and more

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