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Credits for the Reform/Progressive FAQ

The Reform FAQ portion of the S.C.J FAQ was developed and is maintained by Daniel Faigin ( Other contributors include Nicholas Aleksander, J. T. Galkowski, Ruth Heiges, Chris Newport, Tony Reese, Rabbi Harry Rosenfeld, Rabbi Ian Morris, Rabbi Josh Segal, and Rabbi John Sherwood. This posting is dedicated to Rabbi Mordecai Soloff ZT"L and Rabbi Alfred Wolf: two men responsible for my committment to serious Reform Jewish.

Comments and corrections are welcome. Please send them to the maintainer, or; do not post them. Unlike other portions of the S.C.J FAQ, this posting does not reflect the traditional viewpoint; it specifically reflects the viewpoint of the Reform Movement of Judaism. However, to the best of the maintainer's knowledge, the posting does not contain any "bashing" of other Jewish movements.

A special thank you... Special thanks for her patience and understanding go to my wife, Karen, who put up with me hiding at the computer for the two months it took to complete the July/August 2000 remodel of the entire soc.culture.jewish FAQ and Reading Lists. If you think the effort was worth it, drop her a note c/o

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