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Special Introduction to the Reform/Progressive Portion of the FAQ

This portion of the FAQ is drawn primarily from published positions of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations (UAHC) and the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR) -- the primary organizations for Reform Judaism in North American. As such, the positions represented here are collectively those of the Reform movement, as canonized by its leadership. Individuals in the movement have personal positions that differ, some more traditional, some more liberal.

The positions in this part of the FAQ primarily reflect those of North American Reform Jewry. Where appropriate and when it differs, clarifications about Reform/Progressive practice outside of North America is provided. Additional clarifications of this sort are always welcome.

Again, as with any group, there are individuals who do not follow the recommendations of the movement, and yet associate themselves with the movement. This occurs in all aspects of Judaism. Remember to distinguish the individual from the movement, and strive to encourage those living with a less-than-serious commitment to their movement to strengthen that commitment. Throughout the remainder of this posting, unless otherwise qualified, the phrase "Reform Jew" refers to an individual committed to Reform Judaism and acting in accordance with the recommendations of Reform Judaism.

This list should be used in conjunction with the Soc.Culture.Jewish Reform Reading List. Similar questions can be found in the books referenced in those lists.

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