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Albeck, H. and Yalon, H. Shisha Sidre Mishnah. 6 vols. Bialik Institute, Jerusalem. 1952-1956.

Artscroll. Hebrew English Mishnah Series - Yad Avraham.
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Danby, Herbert (trans). Mishnah. Oxford Univ Press; 1933. Hardcover. ISBN 0-198154-02-X.
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Epstein, Isidore, ed. The Babylonian Talmud with Introduction and Commentary. Soncino Press, London. Vol 1-36. 1935-1952.

Kahati, Pinchas. Elucidated Mishna Series. World Zionist Organization Torah Education Dept. [An English translation of his Mishna Mevueres series which has become extremely popular. His scholarship and clarity make it an extremely useful sefer.]

Lieberman, Saul. Tosefta ki-Feshutah. 11 vols to date. Jewish Theological Seminary, New York. 1955-. [Note: for those with good Hebrew skills]

Lipman, E.J. Mishnah: Oral Traditions of Judaism. Out of print. ISBN 0-670478-56-3.

Neusner, Jacob. The Mishnah: A New Translation. Yale Univ Pr; 1991. Paperback. Reprint edition. ISBN 0-300050-22-4.
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Roberts, Matis. Mishnah Tohoros 4b Negaim. Artscroll Mesorah. Hardcover.
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Rosenberg, A.J. Mishnah Kodashim 2a Chullin. Artscroll Mesorah. Hardcover.
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Rosenberg, A. J. Mishnah Moed 4 Taanis, Megillah, Moed Katan, Chagigah. Artscroll Mesorah. Hardcover.
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Unknown. The Tosefta. Scholars Pr; 1990. Hardcover. ISBN 1-555400-49-3.
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[Got Questions?]Our goal is to keep this list useful for its readers. To that end, suggestions of books to add to the list are always welcome. In your suggestion, please be as complete as possible; we need author, title, publisher, publishing date, and ISBN number. We also welcome a one paragraph short summary of why the book is of interest. Please send your suggestions to the FAQ maintainer at

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