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Conservative History

Bentwich, Norman. Solomon Schechter. Jewish Publication Society, Philadelphia PA. 1948. Out of Print.

Cardin, Nina Beth; Silverman, David Wolf. The Seminary at 100: Reflections on the Jewish Theological Seminary and the Conservative Movement. United Synagogue Book Service; 1987. Hardcover. ISBN 0-916219-04-6. [A collection of papers by over fifty scholars, rabbis and lay leaders, who offer their insights and reflections on the Jewish Theological Seminary: its contributions and character, its mystique and its mission.]
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Davis, Moshe. The Emergence of Conservative Judaism: The Historical School in 19th Century America. Jewish Publication Society, Philadelphia PA. 1963. Out of Print

Dorff, Eliot M. Conservative Judaism: Our Ancestors to Our Descendents. United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, New York. 1997. [An authoritative sourcebook on the origins and philosophy of the Conservative Movement. Objectively covers the development of Judaism from the time of the Torah to the enlightenment, and discusses the theology and philosophy of the Jewish movements that developed in response to the modern age: Conservative, Orthodox, Reform and Reconstructionist Judaism.]

Eisenberg, Azriel. Fill a Blank Page: A Biography of Solomon Schechter. United Synagogue Book Service; 1980. Hardcover. ISBN 0-838107-30-3.
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Gillman, Neil. Conservative Judaism: The New Century. Behrman House; 1996. Paperback. ISBN 0-874415-47-0. [Through history, photographs, and personal recollection, this book recreates the history of the Conservative movement. Written from an insider's perspective, this book explores the history and ideology behind the development of the modern Jewish movements. It then discusses the key issues, that have forced the Movement to come to terms with its identity, such as: The struggle to create a modern form of traditional Jewish law, the demand to ordain women as rabbis, pressure to accept homosexual rabbis, and the recognition that much of its membership is largely unobservant. Also looks at the movement's relationship with the state of Israel.]
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Karp, Abraham J. A History of the United Synagoges of America: 1913-1963, United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, New York. 1964. Out of Print

Parzen, Herbert. Architects of Conservative Judaism Jonathan David, New York. 1964. Out of Print

Waxman, Mordecai (ed). Tradition and Change: The Development of Conservative Judaism. United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, New York. 1998. [Includes statements by the founders and leading spokesmen of the Conservative movement. Includes a number of famous rabbinic responsa dealing with the use of electricity and automobiles on the Sabbath.]

Wertheimer, Jack (ed). Tradition Renewed: A History of the Jewish Theological Seminary. JTS Publications; 1997. Hardcover. Volumes I and II. ISBN 0-873340-75-2. [Comprising new studies written by scholars from institutions of higher learning throughout the United States, Canada, and Israel, and richly illustrated, "Tradition Renewed" offers a dispassionate and analytical history of the Jewish Theological Seminary from its founding in 1886 to the conclusion of the administration of Gerson D. Cohen, a century later.]
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