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Arnold, Abraham J.; Roth, Kathe (ed). Judaism: Myth, Legend, History, and Custom, from the Religious to the Secular. Robert Davies Pub; 1995. Paperback. ISBN 1-895854-26-1. [A contemporary vision of secular Judaism, containing a wide-sweeping cultural history of the Jewish people and a guide to self-definition for contemporary Jews seeking their identity in a non-religious culture]
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Friedman, Daniel. Jews Without Judaism: Conversations With an Unconventional Rabbi. Paperback: 108 pages. Publisher: Prometheus Books (March, 2002) ISBN 1-573929-24-7.
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Ibry, David. Exodus to Humanism: Jewish Identity Without Religion. Prometheus Books; 1999. Hardcover. ISBN 1-573922-67-6.
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Kogel, Renee (ed); Katz, Zev (ed); Wine, Sherwin (intro); Bauer, Yehud. Judaism in a Secular Age: An Anthology of Secular Humanistic Jewish Thought (Library of Secular Humanistic Judaism). Ktav Publishing House; 1995. Hardcover. ISBN 0-881255-19-X.
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Memmi, Albert. Portrait of a Jew. Orion Press, 1962; Viking Press, New York NY. ISBN 6-70003-32-8. Out of Print. [Albert Memmi is chair of the Association pour Judaisme Laic et Humaniste in France]
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Porter, Jack Nusan. The Jew as Outsider. University Press of America, Washington DC 1981. ISBN 0-819116-39-4. Out of Print.
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Reisel, Esther; Reisel, Rudi. Modern Jewish Identity: A Rationalistic Motivation for Remaining Jewish. Gefen Books; 2000. Paperback. ISBN 9-652291-63-3.
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Seid, Judith. We Rejoice in our Heritage: Home Rituals for Secular and Humanistic Jews. Out of Print. ISBN 0-962366-80-3.
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Seid, Judith. God-Optional Judaism: Alternatives for Cultural Jews Who Love Their History, Heritage, and Community. Birch Lane Pr; 2000. Hardcover. ISBN 1-559725-37-0.
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Silver, Mitchell. Respecting the Wicked Child: A Philosophy of Secular Jewish Identity and Education. Univ. of Massachusetts Press; 1998. Hardcover. ISBN 1-558491-79-1.
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Wine, Sherwin T. Humanistic Judaism. Prometheus Books, Buffalo NY, 1978. ISBN 0-879751-02-9. Out of Print.
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Wine, Sherwin T. Judaism Beyond God: A Radical New Way to be Jewish. SHJ, 1985. Ktav Publishing House; 1995. Hardcover. ISBN 0-881255-18-1.
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Wine, Sherwin. Celebration: A Ceremonial and Philosophic Guide for Humanists and Humanistic Jews. Prometheus Books; 1988. Hardcover. ISBN 0-879754-42-7.
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