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5763 - 2003 New Articles and other Special Items

Article by Aryeh Frimer on Women's Megilla Readings was published in “Traditions and Celebrations for the Bat Mitzvah,” Ora Wiskind Elper, Editor (Urim Publications: Jerusalem, 2003), pp. 281-304

A 16-page printed Hebrew summary of the conclusions reached in all three volumes of Resp. Bnei Banim (Rabbi Yehuda Henkin), siman by siman

Piskei Bnei Banim

5761 - 2001 New Articles and other Special Items

Article by Aryeh Frimer on Erev Pesach that falls out on Shabbat:

A Short Guide to Erev Pesach on Shabbat

Article on Egg Matzah by Steve White:

Egg Matzah

5760 - 2000 New Articles and other Special Items

Articles by Aryeh Frimer [Both articles are in Word format (.doc)]:

Women's Prayer Services - Theory and Practice(with Dov Frimer)
Published in Tradition, 32:2, pp. 5-118 (Winter 1998).
Women and Minyan
Published in Tradition, 23:4, pp. 54-77 (Summer 1988)

Preprint of article (in Hebrew) by Rav Neriah Guttel:
Hilchot "Haginot HaTalmid" BeAspaklaryit HaDorot U'bemivchan HaPiska"
"Changes in Halakhic Perspectives Throughout the Ages Regarding the 'Unworthy Student' (Talmid She-eno Hagun)"
The article is accepted for publication in
"Sefer Ha-Yovel shel Michlelet Hertzog she-`al yad Yshivat Har Etzion b-Alon Shvut".

Mishloach Manot Manager (MMM) by Art Werschulz

MMM is a program that can help manage an organization-wide Mishloach Manot Project. MMM allows automatic reciprocation. MMM was originally written to run in a Unix environment. However, a Perl version is now available, which means that MMM can run on any platform for which Perl is available (including MS-DOS, Windows, Macintosh and [of course] Unix).

Hebrew Pamphlet on Reading the Shema Properly by Rav Chaim Sonnenfeld

An essay by Rav Howard Jachter on the topic of halachically approved prenuptial agreements that will be included in his forthcoming book (co-authored with Ezra Frazer) to be entitled "Shades of Gray - Issues in Contemporary Halacha".

A translation of an unpublished teshuva by Rabbi Y. H. Henkin on Women and Birkat Hagomel. Iy"h it will appear next year in a volume of translations. It was written after the third volume of shut Bnei Banim. Many of the issues raised from time to time on the net are discussed in Bnei Banim, some briefly such as the meaning of k'neged kulam, see Bnei Banim volume 1, page 195, and some in depth, such as Christianity, avoda zarah, and shituf, see volume 3, simanim 26-28

An essay by mail-jewish contributor (Mordechai ) on the topic of Mitzvoh Gedola Lihiyos Bisimcha Tomid - It is a great mitzvoh to be happy constantly.

An essay by mail-jewish contributor Jay F Shachter titled The Plight of the `Aguna, Part 1.

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