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The true meaning of life is that we are put here for a short time to live life to its fullest. In the grand scheme of things the universe has existed for billions of years before us and will continue to exist for billions of years after us. We are given a gift of a microcosm of the whole shebang and at the same time the responsibility to do something with that small piece of existence. Each of us has the unrestricted autonomy to determine our own path in the universe and to determine for ourselves what it means to live life to its fullest. For some that may mean spending all their waking hours at work in the office to the detriment of family and community. For others, that may mean deep involvement in altruistic causes or the arts. And for others still, that may mean taking drugs or engaging in some other form of self destruction. For me, I see life as an adventure and a educational experience. Everything I do is an educational adventure, a new discovery of myself and the world around me. All of my experience, whether I succeed or fail, whether I gain or lose, is a part of the adventure. I take it in; I live it; I feel it. A possible implication here is that there is no such thing as true success or failure. There is only a continuum of life. Our successes and failures will have little impact on the grand scheme of the universe. If that's true, what is there for our edification besides the adventure? There is love. We live on love. We live to love others; we live to be loved. Nothing is more important to me than the people in my life who I love and who love me. I'm blessed with a caring wife and three wonderful children. I'm blessed to be part of a large family (Dworkin | Kaplan) who, in spite of occasional disagreements, still remain close and available for each other. I'm blessed to live in a community where everyone cares for everyone else. What more could I want?
I am co-founder of Shamash with Avrum Goodblatt.

Chaim Dworkin

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