About the J&JR Web Page

There are many service providers on the Internet who offer a wealth of Jewish resources. The problem is that most of these organizations are concentrating on their own services, so they don't attend to the task of coordinating all the Jewish information across the Internet. Since this seemed like a small but useful task, I decided to do it myself.

Since then I have received help from many surfers on the Jewish net, thanks for your suggestions. Special thanks to A. Engler Anderson (anderson@philadelphia.libertynet.org) and David Curwin (6524dcurw@umbsky.cc.umb.edu) who contribute links to Jewish resources for this page above and beyond the call of duty.

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About the drawing of Jerusalem at the top of the page:
It's a scan from the book of drawings, "Jossi Stern's Jerusalem," Keter Publishing House, Jerusalem, 1980, ISBN 965-07-0000-5

Andrew Tannenbaum

Andrew Tannenbaum
Brookline, MA, USA