Getting Listed on the J&JR Web page

The J&JR is not a comprehensive index of all Jewish Web sites. There are other good index sites that take the comprehensive approach, such as: These are all large indexes with thousands of links, that are broken into many pages or files. I like to keep my index, with hundreds of links, in a single file. This makes it less confusing, and more easy to search with a Web browser's Find command - Alt-F in many browsers.

As the lead paragraph of my page has claimed since soon after I created it in 1993, it takes you to the gates of the resources. It doesn't show you ever corner of every room. I don't stick the leaves on the trees, I gather the trees into a forest. I try to impose some order on the tangle of the Jewish Web. (Enough already with the metaphors!) Because of this design choice, I can't list most Jewish Web sites. I list sites that are of broad interest, or sites that keep indexes of interesting Web sites devoted to part of the Jewish world.

For example, these are the kinds of sites I love to find, either because they have their own focused information of general interest, or because they keep track of some portion of the Jewish Web:

I'm not going to accept links any more links to small organizations like shuls or JCC's, unless they're very interesting, because they're already well covered by sites that focus on them, and because there are so many of them that if I did a thorough job of listing them, it would overwhelm my spare time, make my page grow very large, and make it much slower to load and harder to use. I hope the many folks who enjoy using my page appreciate this decision. This is the effect of having a thriving Jewish presence on the Internet.

If you want to be listed on my page, consider making a unique Web site organizing information for some portion of the Jewish net, I'll be happy to hear about it.

I have another page with more history and background of the J&JR page.

Last update: 5 December 1999

Andrew Tannenbaum

Andrew Tannenbaum
Brookline, MA, USA