There are two major sites for Jewish info on the internet, israel.nysernet.org and jerusalem1.datasrv.co.il.

israel.nysernet.org has a great ftp archive.

There are big Jewish-oriented gophers at jerusalem1.datasrv.co.il and israel.nysernet.org.

Both sites sponsor listserv mailing lists - there are at least 75 different Jewish mailing lists on the net.

The sites above are two different organizations, so the machines have different info. They have Hebrew and English bible texts and commentaries, Jewish-oriented software, info on Israel and Judaism, and much, much more.

There is a Web server at archie.ac.il, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Computer Science Institute.

There is a netnews group soc.culture.jewish, which has useful faqs, as well as Jewish reading lists.

I have a list of Jewish resources in Boston.

Andrew Tannenbaum