J&JR Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt is a shameless attempt to encourage people to familiarize themselves with Jewish and Israeli resources on the World Wide Web. I'm not offering prizes, I'm not collecting results. The goal is not to reach the destination, but to enjoy the journey. So take your time, wander around along the way, and have fun.

Release the hounds! Tally-ho!

Who edits the ISRALINE news service?

What is the name of the Israeli Library Network?

In what city do the Abayudaya Jews live?

In what city was the only concentration camp for Jews in the US? How many Jews were imprisoned in this camp?

What is the population of Israel?

What is the maximum length of term of office for the president of Israel?

Why (on what charge) was Alfred Dreyfus put on trial?

What is the title of the highest ranking officer in the Israeli Defense Forces?

Where in Israel is the National Police School?

Where can I get a kosher meal in Montreal?

Who writes the divrei torah (weekly commentaries on the torah portion of the week) at Oxford University?

Who makes breakfast cereal that's kosher for Passover and cocoa flavored?

Until what age are olim (immigrants to Israel) required to perform (non-reserve) military service?

What Jewish calendar software is available for the Macintosh?

Where is the email discussion of the daf yomi (daily talmud study)?

When can I hear the first English Kol Yisrael shortwave radio broadcast of the day (after 5:00 AM Israel time or 2200 UTC)?

Where can I find aliyah information in French?

What is the street address of the Israeli Embassy in Denmark?

Complete this charming Hebrew phrase: "Habanot Koftzot BeHevel, ____"

What ancient Nabatean city can you visit while touring in the Negev?

What is the name of the Jewish music mailing list?

According to Chabad/Lubavitch custom, at what time of day should a Chanukah menorah be lit?

What does the acronym ORT stand for?

How much does it cost to subscribe to the Jerusalem Report?

What are some of the hobbies of the person who edits the Judaism and Jewish Resources Web page?

Copyright 1995 Andrew Tannenbaum

Andrew Tannenbaum
Brookline, MA, USA